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Our methods for Tree Removal in Calgary

Tree Felling

Often the simplest method for tree removal is felling. Knowing the how and why of felling takes experience and is often best left in the hands of the professionals.

Tree Climbing

Another method is climbing, in which we climb the tree and take it down piece by piece. This is best used for tight areas between buildings or whenever space is limited.

Lift or Bucket Truck

A lift or bucket truck is one safer options available. The type of equipment used will depend on the application and site conditions. Great for hazardous trees.


Benefits of Professional Tree Removal


With 10 years of experience using various tree service equipment, we are your tree removal experts.


By taking care of the entire process from start to finish, our crew can save you time and hassle, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your property.


Experience & Expertise. Over 10 years of experience on various tree service equipment and tree care practices. We do your tree and shrub removal as safely as possible.


By removing the tree safely and efficiently, We can help you save money on potential damage to structures or other trees on your property.


By leaving the area clean and tidy, we can help you maintain a beautiful and well-maintained landscape, adding value to your property.


Support a local small business in your community.

How it Works

The Steps Involved in our Tree Removal

Our tree removal  process involves several steps:
  • Assessment and Planning: Before any work can begin, the team will assess the tree, the surrounding area, and any potential obstacles or hazards. They'll then develop a plan for removing the tree safely and effectively, taking into account any special considerations, such as the proximity of power lines or other structures.
  • Cutting Down the Tree: Using specialized equipment, we will carefully cut down the tree, making sure to avoid any damage to nearby structures or plants.
  • Removal of Tree and Debris: Once the tree is down, the crew will remove the tree and any associated debris, such as branches and trunk wood.
  • Clean-Up: To leave your property looking its best, we will perform a thorough clean-up, removing any remaining debris, and leaving the area neat and tidy.

Our team manages all facets of the tree removal process, so you don't have to worry about anything. With our years of experience and expertise, we'll ensure that the job is done safely, efficiently, and to your complete satisfaction.

Reasons and Signs it's time to remove a tree

Virtually every tree carries a potential risk, underscoring the importance of consulting tree removal experts. These professionals assess both the advantages and risks involved in tree removal, drawing on their extensive experience in evaluating the environment of potentially hazardous trees to mitigate and avoid dangers. Periodic tree inspections are crucial in spotting conditions that might lead to trees collapsing or breaking, allowing for their removal before they become a threat.

Trees with structural flaws that could result in parts or the entire tree falling onto individuals or valuable property are deemed hazardous. Inquiries regarding the need for removing hazardous trees should be addressed with qualified tree removal specialists.

  • It's outgrown its spot: The tree, now looming over both your house and the neighbor's, is dropping needles, leaves, and maybe the occasional branch onto your roof, filling the gutters and creating more work and concern for you.
  • It's causing property damage: The tree or shrub, growing alongside the fence or house, is causing noticeable damage to siding, roof shingles, eavestroughs, and maybe even the foundation of the house or garage.
  • It has signs of disease: Deteriorating leaves and branches in the crown, pronounced cracks, discolored and deformed leaves, the presence of fungi and pests, and brittle, decaying wood all indicate an infection.
  • Time for a change: It's time to revamp your landscape, whether you're seeking a change, have recently purchased a new home, or are in the midst of creating something entirely new. A fresh start might be just what's needed.
Keep Your Property Safe by Removing Hazardous Trees

What Our Clients Have To Say

Highly reccomended! Wanted 2 trees removed from my backyard and stumps ground down. These guys gave me the best quote on the market. They got the job done under the hour and cleaned everything up. Professional and quick, couldn't ask for more

Anna Harap

A positive experience from start to finish! Hard working, professional, knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile. Somewhat of a rarity these days but much appreciated. Highly recommended!

Krista Rutzer

Excellent customer service. I would definitely call them or recommend to anyone that needed this service.   Great Job Guys!!  Very happy with the results!!

Eileen Yeomans

Quick response, fair quote and best of all the job was done very well

Stephen Neish

Stubborn Stumps was professional, knowledgeable and affordable. We were really impressed and will use Stubborn Stumps again in the future.

Sara O.

Great Guys, We use them for all of our tree work and it always goes smooth. Never have any complaints!

Brett Kaschak

frequently asked questions about tree removal

What is the average cost for tree removal in Calgary?


The cost of removing a tree depends on several factors, such as whether it requires technical tree climbing and rigging, any hazards in the area including the tree itself, location of the tree, and proximity to structures. Typically, for deciduous trees (trees with leaves), the cost ranges from $275 to $3000, and for coniferous trees (trees with needles/evergreens), the cost ranges from $275 to $1600. The removal of hedges, shrubs, or bushes is priced between $275 and $1000.

Is it possible to negotiate price on tree removal?


There is a couple of options for negotiating a cheaper price for tree removal. One is keeping the firewood; our team will cut up the trunk of the tree to sizes you want and chip and haul away the brush. Another option is cleaning up the debris yourself, we come in, get your tree safely on the ground and we hand off the rest to you. This has worked for people in the community who need branches and trunks for firewood, art, festivals and religious occasions.

Do I need a permit?


You do not need a permit to remove trees from your private property. Trees located in your side and backyard are almost most certainly your trees. Trees located on the front lawn might fall under the City of Calgary easement and therefore are actually the responsibility of the City of Calgary to maintain and remove the trees when they become sick or hazardous. You can take a look at the City of Calgary tree map to see if the tree is your responsibility and it's always best to call 3-1-1 and request Urban Forestry to confirm as easements can change over time.

What if my trees are growing into or near the high voltage power lines?


In situations like this it's best to call Enmax and request they come out and prune the trees back from the lines to a safe 10 feet. We can handle that call for you or you can prep your site before looking for quotes by calling it in yourself. Once the site has been made safe, we can remove your tree. There is no additional cost for us to call it in for you.

Is stump grinding included with tree removal quotes?


Typically, stump grinding and removal are a separate job. Depending on the species, some trees will try and regenerate another tree by shooting off suckers either at the stump or along the root system. Our team can provide information on the species of your tree and if it will try to regrow. Leaving the stump behind can help lower your costs.

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