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Take Back Your Yard with Stubborn Stump Grinding

Calgary residents looking for quality, competitively-priced stump grinding services can rely on our experienced and highly qualified operators.

10+ years of experience. Trusted by Calgary's top names. Stump grinding specialists.

Stump grinder and a bobcat removing a stump

Narrow Access

Our machines have a narrow 29-inch gate or door access, making them the perfect choice for tight spaces.

Turf Friendly

Both of our turf-friendly machines are designed to operate without causing damage to grass or landscaping.

Experience & Expertise

Our experience and expertise in stump grinding allows us to remove stumps efficiently and effectively without causing any damage to the surrounding landscaping or structures.

stump grinder thats grinding a stump

Need stump grinding? Our pros provide the following:

  • Grind out each stump to 6 – 12 inches below ground level

  • Backfill ground out stumps with your stump chips

  • Use protective shields to protect your property from damage during the work

  • Grind lateral roots in the vicinity of the stump

  • Haul away debris (for an additional fee)

  • Chase surface roots(for an additional fee)

Benefits of Stump Grinding and why you should  choose stubborn stumps 

  • Take Control - Don't let that unsightly stump ruin the look of your yard any longer. Get it out and let Stubborn Stump Grinding and Tree Care help make it disappear with our safe and professional removal services.

  • Money Saving - By eliminating the need to purchase, rent, and operate machinery to remove stumps, Stubborn Stump Grinding and Tree Care offers cost savings to our customers.

  • High Quality Results - With experience comes skill and knowledge. The professionals at Stubborn Stump Grinding and Tree Care will use our expertise to get your stump removed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Hassle Free Experience - With our services, tree stump removal is quick and efficient with minimal disturbance to the surrounding property.

A narrow access stump grinder going through a doorway

Lynn Strocen, Calgary

“Stubborn Stumps did a great job removing 2 poplar stumps we had. The customer service and the price were the best. Thanks guys!"

Megan, Calgary

"Great experience having are stump removed 😊 thanks again for the prompt service and happy attitude, during these tuff times, I can now enjoy our yard without the massive stump I've stared at for 6 years!"

Greg B, Calgary

“Great service and excellent rates. I had two stumps gone in 30min. I highly recommend.”

Get rid of those unsightly stumps, today.

No job is too large or too small for Stubborn Stump Grinding and Tree Care. Our complete range of stump grinding and removal services offer residents and businesses in the Calgary area cost-effective, professional, and safe services to remove all those unsightly stumps.

From private residences, apartment buildings, and parks to construction sites, and businesses, no stump removal project is too much for us. With our fully insured, knowledgeable staff, we have the resources and experience necessary to take on any project.

Tree stump removal calgary underway by a narrow access stump grinder
A stump grinder at work on removing a large stump with surface roots

Don't overpay, call Stubborn Stumps today!

Get started with Stubborn Stump Grinding and Tree Care today for all your stump removal needs in the Calgary area. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.

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