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Healthy Trees

Regular pruning and trimming can help to improve the health and lifespan of your trees, as well as promote healthy growth and development.


It can also help to prevent damage to your property from falling limbs from storms both in the winter and summer months.


In addition, tree pruning and trimming can help to improve the overall appearance of your property, increasing its curb appeal and value.

How it Works

Types of Tree Pruning

When you contact us for tree pruning and trimming services, we'll start by assessing the health and size of your trees. This allows us to determine the best course of action for each tree, ensuring that it receives the care it needs to thrive.

Each tree is unique, its age, size and location will help determine what sort of pruning process is appropriate to help meet your goals. The main types of pruning we offer are:

  • Structural Pruning: This type of pruning is typically used on younger trees to help them grow into a good form. Broken and dead branches are removed, and strong leaders are established to help ensure proper form and growth for your landscape.
  • Crown Cleaning: Removal of dead, broken, dying, crossed, rubbing or diseased branches from the trees crown. Small growth issues are addressed before they become bigger ones down the road. This is the typical pruning requested.
  • Crown elevation: For issues with clearance on your sidewalk, driveway, street or lawn.
  • Restoration pruning: Fixing of the trees canopy usually caused by storm or mechanical damage. This type of pruning typical happens over several visits to help restore the crown.
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Stubborn Stumps is small family run business that strives to be among the top stump grinding and tree care companies in Calgary, Alberta and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on great customer service, workmanship and a commitment to fair pricing. Our experienced Professionals have pruned and trimmed trees and shrubs safely around Calgary and Southern Alberta for over 5 years.

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