Tree Pruning and Trimming

​Tree pruning plays a significant role in maintaining the structure, growth, and integrity of your tree. A properly pruned tree helps it  maintain its usefulness and lifespan in the landscape. Some trees can only be pruned at certain times of the year by law such as elms or by its nature such birch trees.  The how and why will be determined during the initial assessment. 

Types of pruning we do

  • Structural Pruning: Pruning and shaping helps in creating space between trees and nearby structures, buildings, and other obstructions. It helps a tree grow and minimizes safety risks.

  • Crown Cleaning: Removal of dead, broken, dying, crossed, rubbing or diseased branches from the trees crown. 

  • Crown elevation and thinning: For issues with clearance on your sidewalk, street or lawn.  Thinning increase light penetration and reduce mechanical stress from selected branches.

Benefits of pruning

  • Helps in managing the tree or shrubs health

  • Helps control potential risks

  • Creation of a desirable structure
    -Improve main trunk health and architecture
    -Improve the direction and shape of the trees growth (away from the fence and house, powerlines, etc)
    -Restore plants after damage and/or rejuvenation of shrubs

  • Provide clearance from structures and possible hazards and liabilities

  • Improve aesthetics

  • manage size and shape

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a row of pruned poplar trees

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Stubborn Stumps is small family run business that strives to be among the top stump grinding and tree care companies in Calgary, Alberta and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on great customer service, workmanship and a commitment to fair pricing. Our experienced Professionals have pruned and trimmed trees and shrubs safely around Calgary and Southern Alberta for over 5 years.