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Tree Pest Control in calgary

Close up of a tree truck being injected to treat pests

Tree injections for Tree Pest Control in Calgary

We are ISA Certified Arborist and work with an Alberta Certified pesticide applicator specialized in tree care. Your trees will be treated with trunk injection of systemic insecticide.

Trunk injection is a modern technology which is an effective and environmentally friendly way of treating trees for pests. Systemic insecticide remains in the tree system for a longer time and achieves long lasting control.

We do NOT spray toxic chemicals, so you can have your peace of mind that your animals, neighbours and yourself, are safe.

Over 5 years of experience

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Stubborn Stumps is small family run business that strives to be among the top stump grinding and tree care companies in Calgary, Alberta and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on great customer service, workmanship and a commitment to fair pricing. Our experienced Professionals have pruned and trimmed trees and shrubs safely around Calgary and Southern Alberta for over 7 years.

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