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Professional Tree Services since 2016


Over 10 years of experience on various tree service equipment and tree care practices. We plan the work and work the plan.


Certified arborist and Professional tree service experts are used to help delivery the services you need.


We follow up to date generally accepted industry standards for tree care practices. We use the right tools for the job.

Our Chestermere arborists Remove and maintain trees

Stubborn Stump Grinding and Tree Care are local arborists for Chesteremere households and businesses. Our job is to plant trees, ensure their maximum growth, and remove them from your yard when they become a health hazard. Call us at 825-413-0841 for quick, professional, and fully-insured tree services.

Tree removal in Chestermere

Almost every tree has the possibility of becoming problematic, underscoring the significance of engaging professionals who are adept at weighing the pros and cons of tree removal. These experts bring extensive experience to the table in evaluating the surroundings of any trees in question, aiming to mitigate and avert risks. Conducting routine inspections of trees can pinpoint issues that may lead to trees collapsing or splintering, affording you the opportunity to address them prior to them posing a threat.

Call us if you notice

Any dead or dying trees within range of humans, houses or assets
Signs of root damage or decay, such as lifted soil around the base of the tree
Deep Cracks or splits in the trunk or major branches
Lack of leaves or bare branches
Damaged by high wind, lightning or a storm
Dying, dead, rotten or bent from overgrown tree limbs

Whatever the reason, Stubborn Stump Grinding and Tree Care will inspect each element of a tree to determine whether it needs removal. If it does, we will promptly remove it using the industry-standard equipment and precautions.

Tree Pruning & trimming services

Keep your trees healthy and beautiful with our trimming and pruning services. We have over 10+ years' practice and experience in tree care and trimming.

Contact Us for Tree Trimming and Pruning if You Notice That

Branches that are dead, damaged and diseased
The branches have started getting tangled up in other near by trees
It's been 3 years since an arborist has looked at your trees
Your tree is starting to become overgrown for its spot

Improve your trees’ health and appearance, and enhance your property’s aesthetics with Stubborn Stumps arborist services right here in Chestermere.

tree Stump removal in chestermere

While the idea of removing or grinding tree stumps by yourself might seem appealing, we advise against it. The risk of encountering an underground obstacle, like a gas or water pipe, is ever-present. Additionally, there's a chance that debris could be propelled into the air, potentially causing damage to windows or injuring yourself or those nearby. Instead, turn to our professional (and safe) tree services. We’ll immediately schedule a stump removal appointment at your chestermere property.

Stumps are destroying the appearance of your garden and lawn
Tree Stumps are trying to regrow back into a tree
The stumps pose a threat to maintence crews or residents
Unsightly stumps are lowering your property value
Stumps or roots are in the way of your project or development
Insects and fungi have made your stumps into a new home

Certified Arborists and Tree-Specialists

Ensure the safety, health, and beauty of your trees with our ISA-certified experts. You can get to know if your property has trees that are unhealthy or potentially dangerous.

Our Tree Experts Deal With

Trees care services for residential and commercial property owners
Trees and shrubs getting too large and occupying unnecessary space
Storm-damaged and emergency tree service
Trees which can cause an injury or property damage
Overgrown shrubs and trees that need pruning or trimming
Trees blocking your scenic view

Vibrant and appealing trees enhance the aesthetics and worth of your property. Should you have any worries regarding your trees, reach out to our arborists at Stubborn Stump Grinding and Tree Care in chestermere for reassurance and to maintain the well being of your trees.

What We Offer Chestermere Homeowners and Businesses

We are ISA-certified and insured, and provide the highest quality tree services throughout chestermere. When you work with us, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Get a proper assessment of your tree situation by our certified arborist. Our arborists will discuss your tree situation and provide you with a suitable solution or option.
Stubborn Stumps uses best and safest practices for tree and shrub work. We use the latest equipment to deal with your tree situation.
Our goal is to tackle each project professionally and expertly. All of our tree services are rooted in purpose, and we’ll ensure you always understand why we do the things we do. If you’re not happy with our work, we’ll make it right.
Whether you’re planting your first trees or removing a pervious owners trees, we’re here to help. Our comprehensive tree services include growth management, disease protection, regular trimming, and more.
10+ years of experience in tree care services

What Our Clients Have To Say

Team did such as amazing Job. I highly recommend them. Excellent job with removal, pruning ,stump grinding and cleanup.

Jr B

I been dealing with Stubborn Stump Grinding and Tree Care for years and I am very happy with them. Very professional and reasonable. Thank you for your help!!

Gedeon Embaye

A positive experience from start to finish! Hard working, professional, knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile. Somewhat of a rarity these days but much appreciated. Highly recommended!

Krista Rutzer

Excellent customer service. I would definitely call them or recommend to anyone that needed this service.   Great Job Guys!!  Very happy with the results!!

Eileen Yeomans

Quick response, fair quote and best of all the job was done very well

Stephen Neish

Stubborn Stumps was professional, knowledgeable and affordable. We were really impressed and will use Stubborn Stumps again in the future.

Sara O.

Great Guys, We use them for all of our tree work and it always goes smooth. Never have any complaints!

Brett Kaschak

We’re Proud to Serve chestermere

There’s more to Chestermere than just its beautiful lake and small-town feel. More than 25,000 people call the city their home, and as a local business, we’re here to serve these homeowners and property owners. We’ve been working in the area for more than 8 years, and we’re proud of that.

frequently asked questions about arborists

How much is an arborist in Chestermere?


Prices range from $250 - $10 000, depending on the type of job, scope and difficulty required for your tree care.

Is an arborist the same as a tree cutter?


an arborist is a more specialized tree professional who has undergone training in tree care, biology, and health. Arborists are knowledgeable about tree species, diseases, and proper tree maintenance practices. They assess the overall health of trees, diagnose issues, and provide recommendations for treatment and preservation.

Are you locally owned and operated?


Yes, we are. Some of the larger entities in the Calgary tree industry and surrounding areas have been acquired by prominent companies from the USA. Our operation is 100% locally owned and family-run. By supporting locally owned and operated companies you are supporting your community.

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