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Trees are amazing organisms. They eat, they grow, they reproduce, they move, they are very much alive. Sometimes however, Our Tree friends need to be removed due to either disease, aesthetics, safety or to make way for some important project we MUST have completed. When or if that time comes, you can trust that stubborn stumps is here to give you a honest assessment of your tree removal and to complete the work both safely and efficiently. 


Each tree removal situation is completely different and our experienced arborists will come up with a plan to remove your tree in the safest way possible. Sometimes the tree can be felled and sometimes the tree needs to be blocked down, piece by piece and the how and why will be determined during the initial assessment.


What is left over from a tree removal?

Often left behind a tree removal is the stump and firewood. Stump grinding is a separate job from tree removal but is commonly combined to help save costs. Having your stump done separately from the tree removal will often cost more. If you don't want a unsightly stump left behind, make sure to get your stump grinded as well.  Most times we can remove your tree, grind the stump and remove the debris all in one day.


why choose us?

Stubborn stumps strives to among the top tree care and stump grinding companies in Calgary, Alberta and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on great customer service, quality workmanship and fair pricing. Our experienced professionals have safely removed hundreds of Trees in and around Calgary and Southern Alberta. 

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Arborist at work removing tree

Should I just remove the tree myself?

Depending on the situation, we do not recommend removing the tree yourself. There is several bylaws in the city protecting trees and if you make the mistake of cutting down the wrong tree, you can face some serious fines and even end up in court. Also tree work is dangerous, most times its best left to those that know the ins and outs of felling trees.

If you must remove your own tree, please do not do this task alone. Always work with someone around you when using mechanical power tools.