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Snow Removal Services in Calgary

Winter brings a whole new set of challenges to life in and around Calgary. Make things easier and get professional Snow Removal services from Stubborn Stumps. We offer on-call snow removal services for Residential and Commercial clients. Book in today and take the stress of snow removal off your back.

A snow covered Residential street

Services Include


Sidewalk, Driveway and Walkway Clearing


Plowing Services


On-Call or On-Contract service

With a signed monthly rate stubborn stumps will keep specified areas free and clear of snow. We will come out each snowfall within 24 hrs for a unlimited number of times per month limited to once a day. We will apply icemelt as needed as stated on the contract or as agree upon per snow event. Any additional work will be added on to your bill. For on-call contracting we serve those clients on a first come first serve basis AFTER our contracts have been fulfilled. To ensure prompt reliable snow removal services, it's always recommend to get on contract.

We provide plowing services for big and small residential or commercial properties. Parking lots or driveways,  if it can be plowed we can get it done for you. 


why choose us?

Stubborn stumps strives to be among the best snow removal, stump grinding and tree removal companies in Calgary, Alberta. We pride ourselves on great customer service, workmanship and a commitment to fair pricing.

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